Tariff & payment

The minimum tariff for tourist visiting in a group of more than 3 persons for 2011 are as follows:

High Season Tariff - US$ 250 per person per night (March, April, May, September, October, November and December).
Low Season Tariff - US$ 200 per person per night (January, February, June, July and August).

The minimum price includes:

  • All internal taxes and charges (including the royalty)
  • Accommodations
  • All Meals
  • All travel with a licensed Bhutanese Tour Guide
  • All Internal Transport
  • Camping Equipment and Haulage for Trekking Tours

The rates given above are applicable per tourist per night halt in Bhutan. On the day of departure, the ‘local agents’ host obligation shall be limited to breakfast only and any extra requirements shall be payable on actual basis. The rates shall apply uniformly irrespective of locations and the type of accommodation provided/asked for.


Individual tourists and smaller groups of less than three persons shall be subject to surcharge, over and above the minimum daily rates applicable, as follows:

Single individual US$ 40 per night
Group of 2 persons US$ 30 per person per night

The surcharge will not be applicable to representatives of foreign travel agents on business study or promotional visit duly approved and cleared by TCB.


There shall be no charge for CHILDREN up to the age of 3 years. However, those between the ages of 4-7 years accompanied by elders/ guardians shall be given 75% discount on daily rates and 50% discount to children between 8-12 years of age.

Full time STUDENTS below the age of 25 years holding valid identity cards from their academic institutions shall also be given a 25% discount on daily rates.
A discount of 10% on the daily rates shall be provided for halts between 11 to 20 nights and 20% discount on halts beyond 21 nights.
Visitors availing discounts under Sections A, & B shall not be eligible for discount under C.

Tour Payment

All Tour Payments must be settled one month in advance of commencement of Tour to clear visa and other necessary documents. The Tour booking will be confirmed only after we receive 100% of the Tour payment. Please deposit/Transfer the Tour payment to Bhutan Nyinzer Expeditions for which the procedural details will be provided you.

Delayed Arrivals

There is no charge for delays in arrival and departure because of weather conditions disrupting flights or road blocks. The tourist must however bear the cost of food, accommodation, transportation, and other services required abroad.


Tour Programmes booked and subsequently cancelled shall be subject to cancellation charges as follows:

within 30 days of start of programme ~ no charges
within 21 days ~ 10% of rate
within 14 days ~ 15% of rate
within 7 days ~ 30% of rate
less than 7 days or without notice ~ 50% of rate
after arrival in Bhutan ~ 100%

Activities in Bhutan

Choose your activities based on your interest.

Cultural Tours

Cultural Tours

Cultural tours provide a greater opportunity to visit villages and temples and to a get a closer look into the local culture and lifestyle of the Bhutanese people more than any other type of tours in Bhutan.
Festival Tours

Festival Tours

Bhutan is legendary for its delightful religious festivals, held in the major cities and towns of Bhutan-Paro, Thimphu, Punakha and Bumthang. When schedules allow, we include these festivals in our itineraries.
Special Tours

Special Tours

Bhutan has many activities available for those visitors seeking a place of meditation, peace and retreats. The other activities can be flora & founa, bird watching, spiritual tours, photography, rafting, kayaking etc.
Trekking Tours

Trekking Tours

Bhutanese treks are along remote paths through the wilderness. More than half of astounding landscape is covered by natural forest, pristine, protected lands rich in vegetation and wildlife in its natural habitat.